Facts About Abortion

How much will I bleed?

Although bleeding after an abortion is perfectly normal, the amount of bleeding you will experience is difficult to predict since women’s bodies react differently. Some women have some bleeding after using Mifeprex alone. We recommend using misoprostol even if you do begin to bleed after the mifeprex. For most women, heavy bleeding will occur within hours of inserting the tablets. Expect a flow that is heavier than your normal menstrual period. You may pass large clots (sometimes the size of a lemon or larger) or thick, jelly-like blood. It is important to monitor your bleeding by using maxi pads. Some women will not bleed right away after using the misoprostol. Bleeding onset can sometimes take longer and may begin in a day or two. While the heaviest bleeding usually occurs the day you take your misoprostol, some women may have a second episode of heavy bleeding a few days later.

EXCESSIVE BLEEDING: If you soak (completely soaked all they way through) 2 maxi pads in 1 hours, or if you are concerned about heavy bleeding contact us immediately. During weekdays, call our office at (205) 556-2026 or toll-free at (800) 616-2383. At night and during the weekends this same number can be dialed to reach our emergency on call personnel.

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